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Sydney Meadows is a dedicated musician teaching private in-home piano, voice and guitar lessons in the Washington, DC area.
Montclair State University
Bachelor of Arts
Sydney Meadows
Piano, Voice, Guitar

Sydney Meadows is a Piano, Guitar, and Voice instructor in the greater D.C. Metro Area, and her educational background is in Music Therapy. From a young age, Sydney has always had an avid passion for the arts. Having started singing from a young as toddler age, she continuously yearned to grow and develop her passion for music. Sydney grew up in Cherry Hill New Jersey and has spent all her grade school years participating in choir and singing in chamber groups. Sydney is also actively involved in her church community and participates on the worship team.

Sydney earned her Bachelors degree in Music Therapy as a Voice primary at Montclair State University in 2022. During her time at Montclair, she also studied piano and continued to grow in her guitar proficiency, which she started playing independently in 2013. With students, Sydney believes in a well-rounded approach that incorporates learning the language of written music, a strong basis in proper technique, and fostering the independent musical interests of her students.

Sydney enjoys immersing herself in the art scene whether going to museums, seeing someone play live at a concert or paying to see a play or musical. Sydney is passionate, hardworking and always willing to learn, knowing that the best musicians always stay curious and want to continue honing their craft. Sydney's music journey is a continuous process. Like many of her students, she is always willing to learn new music, instruments, skills and techniques. She has been singing all her life. She started taking voice lessons at the age of 16, and later started teaching herself guitar and piano. Although Voice is her passion, she enjoys playing and writing new music on her guitar and piano and collaborating with other musicians.

Sydney loves how music gives people a way to be creative and deeply believes that music is a door to the soul and can bring people together. Music has been not only an area of immense interest but also a way for her to express her thoughts and feelings and communicate to the world. Sydney hopes to inspire others through her own passion for music, to discover ways in which music can help them become more creative and better understand themselves, others, and the world around them.

Sydney has had the opportunity to perform both in a group with her schools and as a solo artists in places like the Lincoln Center in New York, Montreal Canada and has even been invited to sing with a group at Carnegie Hall.

Sydney enjoys all genres of music from classical to pop to jazz and is always looking for new music to play, sing and listen to. Being trained as a music therapist, Sydney has worked will all types of populations and ages from young children to older adults, and has worked with children with emotional and/or intellectual disabilities. Sydney's favorite part about teaching is being able to build strong relationships with her students and help instill a love and passion for music within them.

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