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Eli George is a dedicated musician teaching private in-home piano lessons in the Washington DC area.
Johns Hopkins University
Masters degree
International Relations
Western Washington University
Bachelor of Arts
History and Linguistics
Eli George

Eli George has been playing and performing piano since before he can remember. He was trained classically but loves mixing between, and exploring within, many different genres. Over the years Eli has performed in rock bands, jazz bands, blues bands, and as a solo instrumentalist. He not only has extensive experience performing, but also composing, writing, and improvising on piano.

Eli has tutored both academic subjects, such as math, and music to students at a variety of different levels. Teaching is, and always has been, a passion of his, regardless of the subject. For his beginner music students, he focuses on the fundamentals: counting rhythms, reading notes, building a concrete practice routine, and giving an entertaining performance. For his more advanced students, he looks to move beyond just what’s written on the page: conveying emotion and telling a story using the notes given to us by the composer. But for students of all levels, Eli helps them build a work ethic, confidence, and passion that will be useful wherever they go in life. Seeing the world through music is a magical experience, and one that Eli hopes to share with as many students as possible.

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