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Tricia Davis is a dedicated musician teaching private in-home piano lessons in the Washington, DC area.
Maple Springs Baptist Bible College & Seminary
Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies
Focus in Church Music
Tricia Davis

Tricia Davis started taking piano lessons in 1959 at the age 10. Her mother was a piano teacher and believed it would be a good skill for her daughter to learn. She received a certificate of achievement in the Michael Aaron Piano Course, played in recitals and played for the junior choir at church. Tricia enjoyed playing music on piano so much that she decided to persue an education in music.

While in college Tricia took a course in music appreciation to enhance her skill in playing the piano. Later, she decided to teach at a Christian Academy, so she attended at seminary college and earned a Bachelors Degree in Biblical Studies from the Maple Springs Baptist Bible College & Seminary graduating Cum Laude. This learning experience was also beneficial in teaching Sunday School at her church where she also performed hymns at various church programs. Througout these experiences, she began to relize that she would like to teach piano to students as well.

Tricia's goal is to inspire other future students to learn to play since music is a very harmonious art, peaceful, consoling and encouraging anybody who may need some inspiration.

Tricia helps her students to learn to play the piano by reminding them that the key is to practice on a daily basis. She looks forward to helping student's reach their goals and inspire a new generation of musicians.

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