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Sandy McNeil is a dedicated musician teaching private lessons online and in the Washington, D.C. area.
Morgan State University
Bachelor of Music Education
Teaching Music Since 2006
Sandy McNeil
Piano, Brass, Woodwinds, Drum, Guitar/Bass, Violin, Viola

Sandy McNeil began to play music at an early age. In the third grade he was introduced to his first instrument, the Bb clarinet. Sandy's earliest memory of music is performing live at the Lincoln Memorial, where he performed recording artist Onyx's song "Slam" at the young age of 7. From that moment on, music began to shape his life. Sandy first began singing and performing with musical instruments because music was offered in school, but what kept him doing it was his love of performing in front of a crowd of people. This experience was the beginning of his journey to becoming a true entertainer.

Over the years, Sandy continued to learn new instruments. He picked up the tenor saxophone in middle school, then alto clarinet a year or two later. Once Sandy reached high school, there was a high demand for a musician who could play multiple instruments, and with the band director's encouragement he was soon playing baritone horn, tuba, trombone, and French horn. He received the John Phillips Sousa Award along with a music scholarship to Morgan State University.

At Morgan State, Sandy continued his musical studies while performing baritone horn for the Magnificent Marching Machine. He also played with the concert band, Symphony of Winds, Pep Band, and Brass Band under the direction of Melvin Miles and Milton Aldana. He was named section leader and took method classes to learn how to play almost every type of instrument, including piano, percussion, vocal, woodwind, and brass.

Sandy currently performs in the Washington, D.C., metropolitan area. He has his own horn section called Virtuoso Horns LLC, in which musicians are hired out to play for various groups in the area. He performs at the National Church of God almost every Sunday on trombone, and also serves as Music Director at the Hispanic Community Church where he performs on the keyboard. He has shared the stage with the Godfather of Go-Go, Chuck Brown, and while performing at Greater Paradise Christian Center in Baltimore he also shared the stage with Erica McCullough, Tri-City, Jonathan Nelson, Charles Butler, and Trinity. A highlight of his career thus far was the opportunity to perform with two outstanding bands, Shady Groove and Da Blenderz, at the same venue in one night.

Though he now has a wealth of experience and education behind him, Sandy still maintains that his most influential music teacher was his elementary school teacher, Ms. Sarah Clagett. She taught him rhythm, syncopated beats, spirituals, and the true history of music, all of which gave birth to his passion for music and ignited a flame that will never go out. Sandy began teaching in 2006, motivated by a great desire to educate others and give back to his community, and a lifelong devotion to sharing the universal language of music.

Sandy teaches private lessons to students of all ages, skill levels, and musical interests. He instills a solid foundation in the basics, enabling his students to apply their knowledge to any song in any genre of music. 

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