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Brad Macpherson is a dedicated musician teaching private lessons online and in the Washington, D.C. area.
Teaching Since 2009
Music Experience: 25+ Years
Brad Macpherson
Guitar, Bass, Drum, Piano

Brad Macpherson was born into a very musical family in Los Angeles, CA. Some of his earliest memories involve nearly missing the bus to school because he was lost in old jazz and classic rock records. He began playing music as soon as he was big enough to physically hold an instrument, and hasn't stopped since! 

Brad's formal education began in guitar classes at school, where he quickly became involved in jazz ensembles and eventually branched out into extra-curricular projects. Brad has always found that the study of one instrument can strengthen the understanding of another, so as soon as he could afford more instruments, he added bass guitar, keyboard, and drum set into his daily practice routine.

Brad immersed himself in the local music environment, and over the years has had the opportunity to share the stage with some incredible musicians. He began performing locally throughout the DMV area at the age of 15, with bands spanning genres from folk and Irish balladeering, to traditional jazz, blues, rock, heavy metal, and even orchestral. During this time, he also began working as an instructor in a local music school, where he spent ten years teaching hundreds of students and perfecting his craft. From his start as an instructor, to his gradual transition to Music Director and eventually General Manager, Brad has seen it all. Countless lessons, rehearsals and live performances with his students have taught him the transformative power that music can have for any individual - no matter the age.

Brad's approach to education is deceptively simple: to find and nurture the musical passion of each individual student. Many times, students don't know what they can do until the right teacher opens their eyes (or ears). If a teacher can discover and understand what motivates a student, and what he or she truly loves about music and life in general, the sky is the limit. Brad believes that every student has unique talents and abilities that can and should be reinforced by a strong foundation of practical theory and technique. Once preparation meets inspiration, the true fun begins!

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