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Saralilian Moghadam is a dedicated musician teaching private in-home violin lessons in the greater Washington, D.C. area.
Music Conservatory of Vienna
Violin Performance
Saralilian Moghadam

Saralilian Moghadam was born in Vienna, Austria, to a family of musicians. She began her musical journey at very young age and attended music school throughout her youth and teen years, followed by the Music Conservatory of Vienna, where she earned her degree in Violin Performance.

During her school years, Sara was involved in performances with the Vienna Youth Orchestra, Baroque Chamber Orchestra, and multiple ensembles performing new pieces from young composers, folklore music and Jazz. She went on to perform for four years with the Vienna Academic Association Orchestra, and has also performed with the Tehran Symphonic Orchestra in Vienna and in St.Poelten, Austria. In 2010, she became the violinist for the Dialogue Among Cultures Ensemble and Austrian Expatriate Ensemble, playing international, traditional and folklore music from all around the world. She performed with these ensembles at a variety of cultural events run by embassies and politicians in Austria. In 2016, she flew to Tunisia to perform with one of the most famous Tunisian Jazz artists.

In addition to her active career as a performer, Saralilian also enjoys teaching the violin to students of all ages and skill levels. She believes in every individual's musical talents and loves guiding students to reach their goals, whether they dream of playing professionally or simply want to have fun and learn the basics. Sara is familiar with different schools of violin teaching, and with old and new learning and technical materials from Russia, France, Germany-Austria, Japan, and the US. She draws from a variety of different materials to create a well-rounded curriculum that helps her students improve their technical and musical skills.

Recently, Saralilian spent two years working for UNICEF as a Violin and Art instructor throughout different parts of the world, teaching many students of all ages, some as young as 3 years old. This wonderful experience helped her to become extremely flexible and thoughtful regarding the materials she uses for each individual student, in order to best motivate them and bring them the joy and encouragement that keeps them excited to play and learn. 

Saralilian believes that learning an instrument should be an amazing experience that brings excitement and a feeling of achievement to every individual. Her goal is to provide a positive, constructive, and uniquely enjoyable experience in every single leson she teaches.

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